Welcome to Phoenixcoin P2Pool
  • Before you begin
    Ensure you're mining to hardware wallet. Web wallets are not yet fully supported and you may lose payouts. Download a hardware wallet here

    Your payout is based on how many shares you contribute to each block. Currently more then one block is found daily, so there will be multiple payouts per day.

  • How to mine to this pool
    The simpliest way is to download the NSGminer v0.9.4 (download here).
    Edit your Pool Address to

    -o stratum+tcp://gpools.sytes.net:10554 -u YourWalletAddress -p x

    Are you getting lots of "Stratum difficulty set to ##.#### (#.###)" constantly? Not getting consistant Accepted shares? Adjusting your difficulty setting will help! It is done by:
    -u YourWalletAddress/(0.00000284*HasRate in KHs)+(0.00000170*HasRate in KHs)

    For example, run the miner and see the hash rate speed of accepted shares, if your hash rate is about 720 ΚH/s, run with switch:
    -u YourWalletAddress/0.0020448+0.001224


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